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RFID Services

WeighData provides a comprehensive range of specialist RFID services required to optimize the investment and to streamline operations.

Regardless of the size of organization, or the specific requirements, »ScanX« is able to offer a bespoke tailored solution.

All our RFID solutions come with a comprehensive range of reports and can interface to your management system.


Weighbridge,Truck & Vehicle Automation

  • Every truck is fitted with an RFID tag
  • Various options are available, e.g. a windshield or headlamp tag
  • These tags are tamperproof and break on removal
  • Another option is a fixed tag on the side of the truck
  • These tags are specially designed to be mounted on metal
  • Mount TAG A
  • Mount TAG B

Typical Applications for Trucks and Vehicles

  • Weighbridges
  • Mines – Open Cast and Underground
  • Lane Controller
  • Plaza System
  • Automated Parking Applications
Truck TAG

Automated Linen & Garment Management System

  • Automated Linen & Garment Management System
    For Hotels, Hospitals, and Laundries,
    Identification and Tracking of Linen,Laundry and Garments

    • Have full control over all aspects of your investment, be they linen or garments
    • Reduce purchasing costs by reducing buffer inventory
    • Streamline laundry operations and achieve large savings
    • Be able to identify new linen that are still under warranty
    • Stock taking done within minutes
    • Happy guests and clients
    • Each piece of linen and every garment is fitted with an laundry RFID tag and entered into the ScanX system
    • Read, Identify and Categorize 1000 laundry items within 3 seconds
Laundary TAG

RFID Luggage Management System for Airports and Airlines

  • Most airlines struggle day to day with a variety of issues related to survival issues such as unpredictable fuel costs, uncertain global economies, and tight finances. To combat these challenges, airlines continuously seek to better their operations, and RFID technology is at the forefront of process improvement.

    • 99.8% read accuracy rates
    • Reduces system costs (including labour and hardware)
    • Enables efficient locating of individual bags
    • Reduces manual sorting requirements
    • Improves security
Luggage TAG

Automated Keg Management for Breweries

  • ScanX brings you a management system for your kegs.
  • Managing thousands of kegs manually is impossible.
  • An empty keg standing around for weeks at a customer site is one keg less that could have been filled.
  • If too many empty kegs are standing on customers sites and are not collected, that means the brewery will have to buy new kegs.
  • With our system you identify fast and easy all of your kegs on site.
Beweries TAG

Automated Garment Dispensing

  • Automated Garment and Uniform Dispensing System.
  • Our unique design makes use of a conveyor system and not a carousel.
  • The conveyors are made of food grade material and are thus safe for the food & beverage industry.
  • The advantage of conveyors over carousels is efficiency, space and cost.
  • Each compartment of the conveyor holds one folded garment and is issued via an dispensing outlet or counter.
  • This system is fast, and can issue one garment in 2 seconds.

Control System …

… and Report

Our RFID systems runs on HP servers.
A full repotting structure forms part of the package.

HP Server
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