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Fish Grader, Flake and Cube Ice Machines, Waterproof Scales, Metal Detectors, Check Weighers, Conveyors

we are now in a position to offer you nearly a full house service of high quality products at a very good price

Products – Short Information

Graders for the Fishing Industry

  • designed with food and pharmaceutical hygiene standard, gentle plough divert arms are suitable
  • for delicate and hard to manage product
  • sturdy and robust construction easy to maintain, full stainless steel wash down, waterproof IP65
  • on board touch screen operating system is easy to use with user password protection, store up to 99 product setups
  • record up to 1 year production data, exportable to USB FlashDrive withoptional bluetooth connectivity

Fresh & Sea Water Flake Ice Machines

  • Seawater flake ice machine Slurry ice machine
  • Fresh water flake ice machine with different daily productive capacities
  • Tube ice machine
  • Block ice machine
  • Cube ice machine

Waterproof Scales

  • the X320 Scale
  • test at 80°C and 1450 psi pressure
  • tough enclosure - the X320 is made of an impact resistant composite alloy and designed to withstand knocks
  • successful drop test on concrete floor from a height of 3 meters

Metal Detector - Food & Baverage

  • 100 programmable products
  • stainless steel construction
  • LCD screen
  • IP65
  • high sensitivity
  • high immunity against vibration
  • rejecting system or belt stop

Checkweighers high speed and high accuracy

  • the checkweighers have been designed and developed as a modular add-on to the grader sysem, but can also be used as standalone system

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