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Make your own Diesel


We manufacture a range of pyrolysis plants to make diesel.

Plastic is used in the process, and the resulting diesel is of a very high quality.

The PyroFuel process is the decomposition of various plastics in order to make diesel.

The process takes place in the reactor, and produces diesel, gas and coke.


Waste plastics are used, as there is an abundance of plastic worldwide.

Polymers are transformed into fuel, in this case a synthetic diesel.

There is an abundance of raw material, plastic.

There is so much of waste plastic that municipalities bury the plastic in huge landfills.

This plastic can be put to good use, and diesel can be made.

Typical raw material are plastic buckets, oil drums, shopping bags, car bumpers, nylon ropes, dash boards, etc.

A guideline would be the recycle codes 2, 4, 5 and 6 which are HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS.

There are others also, but they should be researched before use in the pyrolysis reactor.

Apart from helping the environment, employment is generated and a good business can be made from our PyroFuel plants.

Plants are available in various sizes, from a small 200 liter per day batch fed plant to 20 000 liters per day industrial plants.

Please contact us directly for a recommendation.


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