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Drum Heater, Base Drum Heater, Container Heating

Container Heading
Photo by Kuhlmann®

New in South Africa!

We can now offer you the great product range of the Danish company »Kuhlmann ELECTRIC HEAT«. »Kuhlmann ELECTRIC HEAT« is the market leader of high quality heating elements. We are the formal agents / distributors in Southern Africa for their products by »Kuhlmann ELECTRIC HEAT«.

Below is a brief summary of the products:

Drum Heaters

Drum Heater
Photo by Kuhlmann®
  • Drum Heater 0-90°C / 0-200°C
  • IPC Container Heating
  • Base Drum Heating 0-120°C
  • Base Drum Heating High Temperature 50-300°C
  • Insulated Jacket
  • Silicone Drum Heaters
  • Drum Heater For Foodstuff
  • Heating Hoses


Heading Element
Photo by Kuhlmann®
  • Heating blankets for blade repairs
  • Silicone heaters for blade repairs
  • Tubular-heaters
  • Immersion Heaters
  • Flange heaters
  • Ceramic heating elements
  • Band heaters
  • etc.

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Temperature Sensors • Process Instruments • Electronic Contactors

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