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SNOWELL® - Ice Machines

Snowell 2T Seawater Flake Ice Machine Big Picture
Photo by SNOWELL®

Today we present the next step, a new product line in our business for your business. We are the formal distributor for the SNOWELL® ice machines in our local area, in southern Africa.

The product range includes:

  • Flake ice machine with different daily productive capacities
  • Fresh water flake ice machine
  • Seawater flake ice machine Slurry ice machine
  • Tube ice machine
  • Block ice machine
  • Cube ice machine.

SNOWELL flake ice machines has adopted the latest international ice machine making technology. We use and only use world famous components like Bitzer and Danfoss. These machines are designed to have a great mean time between failures (MTBF). According to tests, SNOWELL flake ice machines can produce quality ice for more than 29,515 hours of constant operation without breakdowns.

Snowell 3T Flake Ice Machine
Photo by SNOWELL®

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